Care Management

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Healthcare is complicated.  Do you remember the days when you could actually get a nurse on the phone?  Or call your clinic to get in quickly for an urgent visit?  At Hampstead Internal Medicine, we think being available when you need us is really important!  Medicare thinks so too.  They offer a program which gives expanded services to patients who live with medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.  If you have Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or some types of commercial insurance, you may be eligible for a new program called Chronic Care Management.  This program pays for a dedicated care management nurse to help coordinate your care, arrange appointments, help with medicines, and many other services.  Often there is no extra charge for participants.

Medicare loves this program since it helps keep patients out of the hospital.  At Hampstead Internal Medicine we specialize in enrolling patients in this new program.  Experienced internist James Manning, MD, Holly Kilian, FNP, and the team offer a comprehensive Medicare and care management program for adult men and women. Schedule an evaluation at Hampstead Internal Medicine by phone or online today.

Care Management QA

What are the benefits of care management? 

The advantages of choosing care management at Hampstead Internal Medicine include the following:

  • A dedicated nurse for help with questions, medications, etc
  • 24/7 access to your medical record
  • 24/7 access to a member of the care team
  • Better outcomes, longer life expectancy, less complications
  • Better coordination of care with specialists

Is care management right for me?

If you have Medicare,  Medicare Advantage, VA benefits, or some types of commerical insurance and you have at least one serious ongoing condition, the Care Management program at Hampstead Internal Medicine is for you. 

Come and see what it feels like to have access to a higher level of service.   At Hampstead Internal Medicine we recommend this plan for every qualified patient in our practice.  

What should I expect during care management?

You will have your own care manager assigned to your case.  They will spend time each month reviewing your care plan and/or discussing or updating your care with you.  If you have questions, you can expect them to be there to help.

If you have supplemental Medicare insurance (Medigap), you will likely have no extra co-pay.  If you only have Medicare with no supplement, you will be charged your typical 20% co-pay each month, just as you are for other services.  Typically, this is $12 a month, though it can vary.   Schedule a visit at Hampstead Internal Medicine by phone or online today.